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disgaea cheat sheet

Much of this page was copy/pasted from this GameFAQs thread.


For each specialist in an item when you kill an item General/King/God, that item will get a stat boost of the same type as the Specialist. Note that the level of those Specialists doesn't matter; only their number.

For every humanoid weapon (swords, axes, etc.), when you get to floor 100 FROM FLOOR 99 (it doesn't work if you Gency out at floor 100 and come back), the Item God will be equipped with the next Rank of the type of Item you're in. If you're in a Rank 40 humanoid weapon or you're not in a humanoid weapon, the IG will carry the same item you're in.


BEST HUMANOID WEAPON: Yoshi tsuna (Yoshi). It's the Rank 40 sword. It has a range of 5, and awesome stats. To get one, you need to go through all 100 floors in a Legendary Cosmic Blade or in another Yoshi, and steal it from the Item God (or Item God 2) there. Since the IG and IG2 are extremely powerful, it is HIGHLY recommended to exit on floor 99 and save, then reenter and beat the last 2 floors. DO NOT exit on floor 100, because if you do so, the IG won't have a Yoshi anymore when you reenter. You don't need to go through the 99 first floors at once.

To get a Legendary Cosmic Blade, if you're lucky, you can steal one from the enemies in the Item World or get one in the Bonus Gauge. If you're unlucky, you can steal it from the IG on floor 100 in a Legendary Amano Hahakiri (same recommendations as the Yoshi).

BEST STAT-BOOSTING EQUIPMENT: Super Robot Suit (SRS). You can steal it from Baal (optional boss) or from the Item God 2 in another SRS (same stuff as the Yoshi).

BEST OTHER EQUIPMENT : Hyperdrive (HD). This item enables the character who equips it to teleport anywhere on the map. You get it the first time you kill an Item God 2. It appears automatically in your inventory (or in the shop if your inventory is full). You can get more HDs by stealing them from the Item God 2 in another HD (same stuff as the Yoshi tsuna).

BEST MONSTER WEAPON: Nemesis Mark-I. Just like the SRS, you can steal it from Baal or from the Item God 2 in another Nemesis Mark-I.

Where can I get a legendary Amano Hahakiri? The same way you can get any other Legendary item: either by stealing it from an enemy or by getting it in a Bonus Gauge. The quickest way (if you're strong enough) would be to beat Beauty of Evil (the map where you get Marjoly) and then get back there until the sword-wielding Majin has a LAH (he always has an AH, but its Rarity is random).

Item World

Item God 2s only appear at floor 100 of Rank 40 Items. With no "Stronger Enemies" bills, they are level 6933.

Character Classes

Are Rogues worth the trouble? Yes. 99% chance of stealing success (the others cap at 50%). Only they (and Thursday) can steal stats. Much higher chance of success than the other classes of the same level (a rogue with half the level of the enemy he's robbing has almost always 99%).

The last Prinny tier is Big Sis Prinny, and it can only be unlocked with a hacking device.


Each time a character transmigrates, his/her current level is added to a grand total. Next time s/he transmigrates, that grand total is used to determine how many bonus points s/he gets. The cap for this grand total is around 185000.


How can I level up a Cleric easily? Give him/her a mage pupil and have him/her learn a few offensive spells. You can also make him/her participate in team attacks and have him/her on the battlefield when you win a battle with Exp bonus in the Bonus Gauge. And of course, don't forget to give your Cleric a lv300 Statistician.

The stats of your weapon get a bonus based on your Weapon Mastery level (for monsters, it's the level of the monster). So, if you put say a Gladiator in your weapon, your Atk stat will get a higher boost than if you put the same Gladiator in your armor.

I have a character with 25+ Spear Mastery, yet I can't get Longinus! Enter and exit the Dark Assembly, then speak to Longinus again.

Most worthwhile specialists

ArmsmasterWpn Mastery1900

Character class requirements

Note that the required characters must exist at the same time.

  • 3 bow mastery on any character
EDF Soldier
  • 30 gun mastery on any character
Rogue & Scout
  • Level 5 Brawler
  • Level 5 Warrior
  • Level 10 female Warrior
  • Level 10 female Mage
  • Level 10 male Brawler
  • Level 10 male Warrior
  • Level 10 female Brawler
  • Level 10 female Warrior
  • Level 100 female Cleric
  • Level 100 Knight
  • Level 100 Archer
  • Level 200 male Warrior
  • Level 200 male Brawler
  • Level 200 Ninja
  • Level 200 Rogue
  • Level 200 Scout
Star Mage/Skull
  • Level 5 Red Mage/Skull
  • Level 5 Blue Mage/Skull
  • Level 5 Green Mage/Skull
Prism Mage/Skull
  • Level 35 Star Mage/Skull
Galaxy Mage/Skull
  • Level 50 Prism Mage/Skull

Best places to level up

  • Dinero Palace - Flashy Passage (5-3)
  • Jotunheim - Absolute Zero (7-1)
  • Salamander's Breath - Scorching Wind (9-1)
  • Lunar Snowfield - Theatre of Death (10-1)
  • Sea of Gehenna - River of Lava (12-3)
  • Final - 1
  • Cave of Ordeals - 3
  • Beauty Castle - 2
  • Item World

High level item world hunting list

This is a list of all equippable items, rank 30+, that can be found randomly in the item world either through the bonus gauge or stealing. (I'm a bigger fan of stealing, because it doesn't clutter up your inventory with unwanted items.) This list does not include items that can only be obtained by killing Item Gods. See some other lists if you're interested in those.

Here's an extra tip: Killing the Item General/King/God/God 2 at every 10th level boosts the weapon's stats more, so killing them is a good rule of thumb. It's also the only way to add specialist slots to an item (1 slot per boss kill, maxes out at 16). See here for more technical details.

Rk.Fist Sword Spear Bow
30 Golden Arm Laevateinn Hero's Spear Yoichi's Bow
31 Crisis Diabolic Sword Platinum Lance Bahamut's Aim
32 Diabolic Fist Crusade Li Shuwen Percival
33 Platinum Arm Kusanagi Diabolic Spear Prometheus
34 Galactica Excalibur Walkeure Starchaser
35 Terra Smasher Shichishi-Tou Gungnir Diabolic Bow
36 Punisher Infernal Sword Gae Bolga Ull's Bow
37 Zodiac Arondight Chaladholg Fleche Enflamee
38 Infernal Fist Amano-Hahakiri Infernal Spear Infernal Bow
39 God's Hand Cosmic Blade Longinus Artemis

Rk.Gun Axe Staff Monster
30 Olympus Hellish Axe Gambantein Destroy
31 Odyssey Bahamut's Talon Diabolic Staff Lightning Fang
32 Phillipan Platinum Axe Tainted Staff Dragon Tooth
33 Fujiyama Axe of SlaughterPolansky's StaffEnigma
34 Beowulf Mercurius Yggdragsil Orichalch Claw
35 Tiamat Diabolic Axe Mjollnir El Dorado
36 Brunhild Empyrean Axe Dark Matter Dragon Heart
37 Siegfried Balmung Kerykeion Belial Force
38 Fenrir Infernal Axe Infernal Staff Amon Force
39 Infernal Gun Durandal Galactic Staff Lucifer Force

Rk.Armor Belt Shoes Orb Glasses Muscle
30 Dragon Jacket Angel's Sandals   Providence 
31 Orichalch ShieldGuts Belt        
32 Bahamut's Scale        
33 Evil Armor Shaolin Belt       Muscle Star
34 Shield of Aegis        
35 Celestial Armor   Chaos Orb    
36 Infernal Cape Black Belt        
37 Infernal Shield        
38 Infernal Armor Chakra Belt        
39 Nirvana Champion Belt Accelerator Universal Orb  Galactic Muscle

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