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mpris speaking programs

MPRIS is a standard for communication between media players and programs that interact with them. This page is a list of all programs I could find that are MPRIS-compatible in some way.

media players

  • Amarok
  • Audacious
  • VLC (must launch with vlc --control dbus)
  • BMPx
  • QMMP
  • XMMS2 via xmms2-mpris-bridge
  • MPD via mpDris
  • Dragon Player
  • Corn (written by me)

utility/control apps

chat clients

  • There's a "now playing" plugin for Pidgin which is in Debian, Ubuntu, and Gentoo at least.
  • There's unofficial "now playing" code for the Psi IM client.
  • The KMess IM client has an outstanding bug requesting MPRIS support (they already support other D-BUS stuff so it looks like a small task).
  • The Gajim Jabber client supports a "now playing" feature through MPRIS.
  • KVIrc IRC client.

Nick Welch <nick@incise.org> · github