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py-libmpdclient2 is a Python library for making MPD (Music Player Daemon) clients.

This library is not maintained and has been superceded by the python-mpd library. New projects should use python-mpd.


Projects using py-libmpdclient2

  • Chalyx - A Python library to make it easier to write XMMS2 and MPD clients.
  • pbmpcd - Bemused/MPD bridge.
  • Kanola - An MPD client for KDE.
  • Pygmy - GTK+ MPD player.
  • pympd - A frontend for MPD in the style of Rhythmbox and iTunes.
  • lastfmsubmitd - A replacement for the traditional Last.fm plugin model.
  • Sonata - A lightweight GTK+ MPD client.
  • Babik - A simple MPD client built on Django.
  • Openbox3 MPD pipemenu script
  • This script which does something with some kind of LCD. (I couldn't find any more information about it.)
  • peppy - An XEmacs-like editor with an MPD front-end plugin.
  • AmarokMPC - An Amarok script for synchronizing locally played music with MPD.
  • Know of another? Email me or add a comment at the bottom of the page. Even if it's an ugly script that you're slightly embarrassed of.

Nick Welch <nick@incise.org> · github