Nick Welch

Software Developer


Work Experience

  1. Parthenon Software Group

    Production Software Developer April 2009 - present
    • Revamped and streamlined code deployment. Heavy use of Git and Subversion. Helped create and refine company-wide best practices for revision control use and code deployment.
    • Successfully advocated for more effective technologies and processes: Git instead of Subversion, Linux instead of Windows, InnoDB instead of MyISAM (in MySQL), PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 instead of delicate shared filesystems, unit testing, Django/Python instead of PHP, and others.
    • Contributed to several Django and PHP projects in all phases of the project lifecycle.
  2. Rentrak Corporation

    Software Developer August 2006 - May 2008
    • Developed new features and bug fixes for a data warehousing and business intelligence service used by top film studios.
    • Worked with Perl, Oracle, and Linux to collect and summarize large volumes of transactions efficiently, according to complex business rules.
    • Improved delivery of information to film industry clients via both interactive website and automated feeds. (XML, CSV, SOAP, RSS, proprietary formats, etc.)
  3. Xerox Corporation

    Test Technician November 2005 - August 2006
    • Tested multifunction printers for bugs and printing defects.
    • Created scripts and programs to help automate tasks and advised colleagues on technical matters.
  4. Stratassemble

    Lead Web Developer and Linux Admin January 2005 - August 2005
    • Built a wiki-based project management web application using Python, MySQL, and Javascript, running on a Debian server.
  5. River Cities’ Reader

    Lead Intranet Developer and IT Person February 2003 - November 2003
    • Built a sales tracking application in PHP and MySQL.
    • Supported Debian server, Redhat PCs, and office network.

Open Source and Hobby Projects

Mini-ITX computer case design that is laser-cut.
Fund Stew
Index fund comparison tool using a treemap visualization.
Home theater frontend program. Uses WebKit, Python, and jQuery.
The tiniest window manager in the world, written in around 50 lines of C. Packaged in Debian and Ubuntu!
Randomized level generator for a popular classic video game, using a Markov chain algorithm.

Participation in Tech User Groups and Events